The Collection

Impeccably designed, LŪRA bags are beautifully handcrafted, resilient and practical.
They will accompany you effortlessly in any moment of your day. 

Our exclusive bespoke collection of 8 styles has been designed and perfected over time, with the finest attention given to every detail, inside and out. Each bag follows an authentic, sustainable path, manufactured in real time, and is available in 10 sumptuous colors, finished with your name inside.

Our Story

Yvonne Roe and Sandra Planeta met in Hong Kong in 1996 while working for the territory’s first international luxury brand, Shanghai Tang. Their professional collaboration and close friendship became even stronger when they were both working in New York City several years later. And their incredible story continued to unfold over the following decade when they both moved to Europe to open their own successful companies on the continent.

LŪRA is the apex of Yvonne’s and Sandra’s expertise in product design, brand building and production in the international fields of accessories, fashion and beauty.


The LURA Collective

The LŪRA collective is a gathering place for enriching, lifting, and celebrating women.
The LŪRA woman’s stories of creativity, passions, and unique perspectives, combined with fierce determination and resilience truly inspires us. We champion Her curiosities, knowledge, and experiences.

The LŪRA unique digital ID

Each LŪRA bag has its own unique Digital ID that provides a complete history of where and when your bag was made, who it was made for, as well as complete transparency of all of the materials and suppliers used to make up each piece.  

The LŪRA Digital ID will also act as the authentication certification of each product.
You can access all the information inside your Unique Digital ID through the LŪRA App available to download free on the App Store and Google Play.

One Piece at a Time

Our bags are truly sustainable, made through our Ethical Production Process, one piece at a time, eliminating any excess waste or stock. LŪRA bags will never lose their value. 

We believe that true quality must reflect the singular uniqueness in the hand crafted process that simply cannot be achieved in large quantity manufacturing. Each LŪRA bag is made within 6 weeks after your order is placed.



Each LŪRA bag is personalized from the moment we begin production of your order.
A handcrafted brass stamp is created with your name, initials or the phrase that you have chosen, which is then embossed onto your LŪRA bag in gold.

Made in Italy

Our leather goods are expertly handmade in an historical factory in the Abruzzo region of Italy. This is where the highest levels of Italian craftsmanship and know-how come together with LURA’s modern yet timeless design.


Consciously Crafted

We make each LŪRA bag, locally, in Italy, crafted from the highest quality of materials that come 100% from within the country. Our Ethical Production Process allows each piece to be a unique treasure that eliminates any possible waste or overproduction that the world does not need. These investment pieces are made to last a lifetime making them a truly sustainable choice.