Made to Order

Our bags are truly sustainable, made through our Ethical Production Process, one piece at a time, eliminating any excess waste or stock. We believe that true quality must reflect the singular uniqueness in the hand crafted process that simply cannot be achieved in large quantity manufacturing. 

Handcrafted by Italian master artisans and upholding the highest standards in Italian craftsmanship and quality, these bags are investment pieces that will last a lifetime, making them a truly sustainable choice.


Select Your Style

Our 8 styles have been impeccably designed and rigorously refined to follow you throughout your day beautifully and effortlessly. Made to exceed any expectation you have in a bag, choose the one that is perfect for you.



Our bespoke collection features ten carefully curated shades, each one chosen to represent the unique expression of your personal style. Choose the LŪRA shade that reflects you.



Each LŪRA bag is specially made for its owner, one piece at a time. After you select your bag, our Italian artisans will handcraft a brass stamp with your name, initials or the phrase that you choose, which will then be embossed onto your LŪRA bag in gold.