Consciously Crafted

At LŪRA we strive to make truly consciously crafted products. To do so our production process has been defined by 5 pillars of excellence. Sustainability, Ethics, Authenticity, Transparency, and Quality


Our bags are made from the highest quality Italian materials that follow a truly sustainable path in terms of the manufacturing process of each material and element. We select our suppliers based on their ability to manufacture their materials responsibly with clear and transparent production processes that respect the environment. We also prefer to work locally, reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. Each bag is handcrafted by Italian master artisans upholding the highest standards in Italian craftsmanship and quality, transforming these bags into investment pieces that will last a lifetime, making them a truly sustainable choice.


We uphold the highest standards in Italian quality and are not willing to compromise on any element. All our materials are 100% Made in Italy, and our bags are handcrafted by the country’s finest artisans, guaranteeing a product that you can pass down to the next generation.


Our Ethical Production Process means that we produce each bag one piece at a time only after the bag is ordered. We do not pre-make bags or hold any stock of finished products. This is an extremely rare production process as each bag is crafted from beginning to start as a unique piece. But it allows us to eliminate any possible waste or overproduction that the world does not need.


Because each bag is made singularly, we can document the complete production details of every style made, and authenticate each bag through its own Unique Digital ID.


Through the Unique Digital ID accessible in the LŪRA App, we provide complete transparency on all materials used to make up each LŪRA bag.

“Luxury is not just about craftsmanship and quality, it is also about uniqueness, timelessness, and ethics.”